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    Sport bike riders sister's family loses everything in fire. :(

    Not sure if this is appropriate for here or not but I figured there’s a lot of good people here at ZRXOA and it was worth a shot.

    Just read this post at the St. Louis Area Riders Association and it really touched me as it’s pretty sad. So in addition to donating myself I wanted to try to do something more and thought of you guys..


    The guys who wrote the post is well known at this forum and being local we know its all true.

    If anyone here at ZRXOA feels like helping the family out please do and make sure they know where it came from.

    Jim Taylor
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    Jim Taylor
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    Since you asked ... this particular type of post is OK for the ZRXOA in general, but it should be in either the Squeeky Clean forum or the Shooting the Bull forum. This forum is specifically for general discussion of the ZRX. Somebody will probably come along and move it soon.

    There are some good folks here, you never know who can do what in the form of help, unless you ask.

    I am the voice of Unreasonbl.

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    Yea, I paid!


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