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    My Great Adventure!

    Originally posted by Ca Pete

    Did I hear you mention getting lost?
    (A post I wrote to another board a while back, after just learning how to ride a 'dualsport' bike.)

    Ok, I'm lying. It should actually be titled,

    'My Not quite Great, but More of a Cross between Damned Silly, and Dangerous, but Still fun, cause I survived it' Adventure.

    Oh, and I must apologize in advance. This one will not have any pics, as will be become apparent in the tale.
    (but, it did happen!)

    Ok, So wednesday afternoon... I had gotten off work, at 4, and in my usual style, took the long route thru Reiche Canyon home. As predicted, traffic was at a crawl, so I decided to take that first step. When it comes to dirt biking, I try to stay within eyesight of a road, as I'm not confident enough to go farther than I wanna crawl for help.


    I took a MAJOR step. I decided to point myself north-ish, and head for San Berdoo.

    No GPS, no friend, just me, and my trusty cell fone. (more on that later.)

    Seeing trails all over the place, I did what any average man would do. Aimed in the general direction of where I wanted to go, and went.

    Well, along comes a small trail running along side a nice sized Ravine. As I meandered down this path, I hit a rut, which 'catapulted' me onto the side of the ravine, and, that being covered in rocks, and other loose items, dumped me down the hill, into the river rock and sand.

    Getting up, surveying my bike (and myself) for damage, and not finding any, I promptly picked the bike up, and decided to follow the ravine til I came across some area to escape it.

    After 10-15 miles of puttin' along, and dropping my bike in sand every so often, I found an area in which to exit the wash from.

    But, having been off course for a little bit, and twisting and turning the whole time, I'm tired, and lost.

    I find a road (I thought) leading out, but it just ran into the back of private property.

    So I backtrack. Find another branch off the first road, and try it. Only to again, run into private property. Most of the trails all lead to places I didnt have the skills to surpass, or into areas that were gated, and locked.

    About this time, I'm realizing that the sun is slowly making its departure from the sky overhead, and my daylight is runnin' out fast.

    I'm WAAAYYYY back in the middle of a canyon, with no cell fone coverage, and no signs of humans within sight, I press on, thinking "I've GOTTA come across a small city SOMEWHERE!" After all, this is California!

    More meandering, more falls, more tumbles, and more dead ends, and drops, and impassible hills.

    And i'm totally topsy turvy now. I'm thirsty, wore out, beat up, dirty, and STILL LOST!

    ...and on top of all this, the sun just went down behind the mountain.

    My headlight on this bike is not known for its prowess for lighting where I'm goin, so I found myself creeping along to make sure I wasnt about to run off another drop into a precipace.

    I spot what looks like a farm off in the distance, and head that way, thinkin, if all else, I'll just get to a farm, park the bike on the back side of it, and walk thru to civilization!

    Nothin' happenin. Big dogs everywhere!

    The Good news is, my cell is now buzzing off the hook, as my girl is callin' to see why I'm not home yet.

    Explaining my situation, and doing what every 'stereotypical' male does, I wave her off of trying to call for help from law enforcement and what not.

    "Naw... honest honey, it's not that bad! I can see the lights of what looks like a rock quarry off in the distance. I'll be ok."

    Of course, she puts it up before a vote with my neighbor friends, and while I'm busy fighting my bike up one of the many hills I encountered, I feel my fone buzzing off the hook. For the most part, I ignore it, thinking all my friends are in a panic.

    Jumpin' jellyfish, it's the Cops calling me! They leave like three messages telling me to call them back, and that they have GPS which'll tell 'em where I am.

    Back I go, finding yet ANOTHER branch on the road, til I stumbled across a tree farming field that I could ride thru, leading to a dirt road that dumped out on San Mateo Canyon Drive, somewhere in Redlands. (Talk about being LOST!!)

    I call the police and wave them off (although, very shortly after that, a police helo goes by, lights searching, following some of the train tracks I used to find civilization)

    Being totally drained, I managed to even get lost THERE, ending up on the 10 freeway headed east, rather than the 30 headed to my house.

    I managed to get my bearings back, pulled into a gas station, and rehydrated, then again, back to the highway, and home.

    All said, I managed to go about 60 miles out of my way, rather than doing my usual 26 mile work commute!

    Next time, I'm packin' water/koolaide, and at least a map and a compass.

    I'll be saving for a GPS unit though...

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    I can picture you talking on the phone and saying that, that is great stuff.

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    Dont ya wish you'd also been low on gas? Good read.

    The below picture speaks volumes for Skidchiks and my adventures. Notice where that road goes???? And yes, she is looking at a map while I take the picture.
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    Re: My Great Adventure!

    Originally posted by JuS2FuNKeE
    Seeing trails all over the place, I did what any average man would do. Aimed in the general direction of where I wanted to go, and went.
    Man I died out laughing right there.

    Your idea of a gps is a good one. Don't get one because she said to .......
    you are getting it because it's a cool gadget/toy.

    You were not lost you were either just turned around or exploring.

    Glad ya made it out.

    Ride Safe


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    Geat story...Did kinda the same thing on mountain bikes, went into the woods in the light...havein a riot, then it starts to get dark under the anopy and pooof no light...lol glad ya amde it outok...


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