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  1. Re: Supercharge yer Mini.........calling Flying Dave???

    The ADV link worked for me.

    Hmmmmmm :LawnBoy

    Walker Morgan (MP Fab here on the board) turbo'd an XR70 for his kid. :wow:
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    Re: Harvest Classic

    You ain't kidding. He needs good ole fashioned FINISHING SCHOOL.
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    Re: New personal transports

    The barred owl is doing fine ALL BY ITSELF systematically destroying the spotted owl. And you thought for 35 years it was man kind.

    Motorbike content: no spotted owls were killed/maimed/injured...
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    Re: Cleaning out the attic.

    There was still fur on the kitty in '98!!!! :thumbs:
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    Re: New personal transports

    Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............a baby Niken.
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    Re: Bar End Mirrors

    There's a guy on this here lil' motorbike board that makes some Tew-Kewl-Fewr-Skewl bar ends out there in Chandler Arizona. Have you seen them?
  7. Thread: Harley

    by McGovZRX

    Re: Harley

    It usually goes like this for me.

    Dink/douche/fool/nice person/stranger/co-worker: "Oh, you ride a motorcycle. What kind do you have?"

    Me with NO hesitation: "Not a Harley."
  8. Re: Got a nice, brisk, 200 mile ride in today!!!

    Well well well. You got yo azz onto US 101 finally. :clap

    Nice road eh???
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    Re: Ping GroovyDoobie

    I still have huge regrets selling my 1999 Yamaha R1. For me >>> :slap:
  10. Re: Kawasaki Dealer Meeting in the Palm Springs, CA area.

    I'm going with: it was put up, and then into eventual long term storage, right after the movie shoot. And not touched again. And now not to be touched.

    Almost kinda like many very old bikes at...
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    Re: Free bike newbie...

    What a great story and pedigree for your stead.

    You will be SHOCKED at how much quality help you will get from this group of like minded ZRX knuckleheads.

    Welcome aboard sailor.
  12. Re: NorCal PG & E bracing for fire season with extreme measure?

    This thread is only good to read from 2,022 miles away. Dear goodness. The race to the bottom of stupid is a crowded field. :loco
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    Re: Carb sync gauges

    There's always a Harbor Freight hater in the darn thread!!! :skwick
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    Re: Carb sync gauges

    Some dink on this here lil' motorbike board once told me that these, linked below, are the bees knees. But know that if you throw them out in the yard and they break you will be killing baby seals,...
  15. Re: A slack-jawed toothless Hello from central Arkansas

    Welcome aboard.

    You've got a great easel onto which to paint. The mechanical items you've noted won't be any problem. Get the suspension sorted. Job 1.

    You DO KNOW there is an Arkansas ZRXOA...
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    Re: Are these guys OA members?

    They do have a kind of outward hooligan appearance.
  17. Re: NorCal PG & E bracing for fire season with extreme measure?

    I'm wanting to thank enviro Nazis to a great extent. Though there's surely many tentacles on this crap the reality is that PG&E is having to choose the current lesser of two evils.

    Almost every...
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    Re: Venmo vs Paypal..........????

    Mark's issue is he doesn't do Facebook. Which obviously lubes the channel of on-line transaction success.

    KWICK does Facebook and look at the incredible bevy of financial awesomeness that he...
  19. Re: Somebody was looking for one ? Zuki GS550E

    Semi back to the original subject.

    I had a 1980 GS550E. Then when the next gen of 550 and 750 came out with the 16" front hoops-------boy howdy. I was star struck again. In 'Merica we like BIG....
  20. Re: 2019 Barber Vintage: let the eye feast begin.

    Day 4 photos have now been added.

    One more day of goodies. If you've already viewed days 1-3 and are not sure where day 4 starts......well, you just might have to review them all. ...
  21. Re: 2019 Barber Vintage: let the eye feast begin.

    I did not lick the helmet :slap:. Even though it was mark 444's and in the official ZRXOA Command Center. :wow:

    No 125 this weekend. The Zuma 50 scooter. 2 stroke. Milk crate on the back. ...
  22. Re: 2019 Barber Vintage: let the eye feast begin.

    BERT2000ZRX's golden Ballz---------Sir. :bruce:
  23. Re: 2019 Barber Vintage: let the eye feast begin.

    Day 3 photos have now been added.

    As the big ball of flaming hydrogen continues to burn at +100 degrees F we've had another great day at the ZRXOA Command Center. I got out early before the skin...
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    Re: AV80R's BMW R1200RTP "Poncherello"

    My 1997 Toyota T100, 4WD, truck----yu can't kill it or any part with fire.

    And now a comment from my lawyer: :666
  25. Re: 2019 Barber Vintage: let the eye feast begin.

    In the original Swap Meet area. I think they now call that the Lower Swap Meet Evans. Then the new one is the Upper Swap Meet. It is the one that is right across the perimeter road from the pond. ...
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