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    Nice ride with the missus on back today, to The Lodge at Turning Stone Casino for a fancy brunch. Ran great.
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    Yes, it was painfully slow - most of the time was spent in 1/2 mile backed up traffic to get on the ramp to I-15-S, then stop & go, then more stop & go to the office after the exit. I understand they...
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    I lived in the Sacramento area when I was Jr. HS aged, and I've worked for 3 different Silicon Valley companies (from San Diego), which had me in the Bay Area once a month or so for years.

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    Yes, the snow gets serious here. I moved here from San Diego 13 years ago, and didn't even stop to think that I couldn't ride all year. I also didn't realize that buying a house with a steep driveway...
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    The bike is running strong now.

    After putting the original (old) ZX11 carb boots on, the carbs are staying put (unlike with the eBay specials) and all is good. I love the CVK40 carbs, and the...
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    I thought I had the bike running, but it turned out that the carb holders / manifolds / boots that I bought from eBay were not working out. The carbs were literally falling out on test rides. There...
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    I make the same mistake all the time, but the town we went to was Waterville, not Watertown. Watertown is near Fort Drum, and the Canada border. Good salmon fishing there. Waterville is a much...
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    I had plenty of twists and turns since the last post here - Just as I was setting up to do a sync, the stock carbs, which had just been rebuilt, got partially gunked up again (see "white silt"...
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    A quick picture, which isn't great and is partially cut off, of my ZRX with my son on it today next to the Roc Star restaurant / ice cream hangout in Waterville, NY.

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    We (my boys and I) managed to get three bikes on the road at once, and rode through Clinton, NY to Waterville, where we had a great lunch at Roc Star, then found some minor twisties on hwy 315.

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    I discovered that my boys GW250 brake lever works, borrowed it and managed to get a spirited ride in this afternoon - finally! Had to re-bleed the rear brakes, but I don稚 use them that much,...
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    So... after weeks of working on my ZRX1100, I finally got her out for a little test ride. It went quite well, aside from a little popping on deceleration.

    And then... I was turning it around in a...
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    Hey, Pete:

    My wife thanks you for the Kit Kats - her favorite.
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    Almost there...

    Tank is clean and back on, everything is refilled, tight, etc... and I知 waiting on a battery.

    Runs and idles great, so far.
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    Thanks to KWICK my carbs are running very nicely, as far as I can tell while running on the race stand anyway... thanks, Pete.

    Still finishing up cleaning my tank, and might be looking good for...
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    Found my #3 carb was broken today, which might well explain why it was running badly before its long hibernation. A corner of the carb body was broken off under the cap. KWICK is fixing me up with a...
  17. Thread: vm33"s

    by fastfrank

    Re: vm33"s

    Well, my VM33 carbs have seen better days... managed to get them off today (hardest part was getting the lower throttle cable loose) and took off the caps and float bowls, and two of the four are in...
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    Thanks for all the warm welcomes! Good to be back.

    Thought I'd post a couple more pics... these aren't meant to be pretty, just to document the "before" state of the project.
    You'll see here...
  19. Thread: vm33"s

    by fastfrank

    Re: vm33"s

    Old thread, I know...

    I have VM33 carbs on a bike I知 starting to revive. I just wanted to say that, before electrical and medical issues got in the way, these carbs were very dialed-in for my...
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    Good to know some of you are up this way - I occasionally take the train over to Rochester to hear music, sometime freeload on recitals at Eastman (incl free food after), and visit Bernunzios music...
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    OK - couple of quick pictures of the current state:

    Actually not that much "custom" on this particular bike, I have ZX11D wheels with the bright rims, pods, stock carbs, ted's (?) advancer, jet...
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    Cool (this definitely isn't the zook GS site) ! Pics coming soon.
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    OK, I have a few pics to show - I don't want to post in the wrong place, though, or more than one. I suppose this could be either the beginning of a project, or it could be the current state of a...
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    PAR?! Yeah, I had hired some guys that used to work there. I still see their POS (Point of Sale, not the other one) terminals at McDonalds and such. They had some good software engrs.
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    BTW, Thanks for the tip on doing the carbs... might just take advantage of that. The one good local shop is buried in work for months, and his prices went way up. Plus, he's more of a Harley guy and...
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