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  1. Re: Where to take it for some TLC close to Zip 19468

    Fantastic stuff here.

    Here is the thing, just arrived in this Country, permanent residency etc. No tools yet.

    My skills on working on a bike is changing tires & Spark plugs, filters Oil etc...
  2. Where to take it for some TLC close to Zip 19468


    I got a clean low mileage ZRX1200R, but it needs some "ELS" goodies put on, some new rubber, new set of hoses, general fluids transfer etc etc

    Where do I take it, I am located in Zip Code...
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    Re: Custom Japanese swingarm bobbins...

    Absolutely Awesome, have to ask, do you make them for sale?
  4. Thread: Found one

    by Jaco

    Found one

    Hi to all

    I have found mine. Thanks to all of you that have advice and offered me their bikes. Really lucky to have found this one

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