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  1. Thread: Finally....

    by ZRXinATL

    Re: Finally....

    Congrats....looks to be a very nice and quite clean machine.

    I have four 1994's.
    I call them Eeny, Meeny, Miny, and Moe.
    Meeny, Miny and Moe are each in various levels of being in pretty good...
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    Re: 1980s Kawi 750 turbo

    Just circling back here....
    Has this bike been sold ?
    If not, please advise where this bike is located. Omaha...or Scotts Bluff ?

    Thank You
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    Re: 1980s Kawi 750 turbo

    Please advise where this bike is located.
    Thank You
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    Re: Anybody in ATL??

    What are you eyeballin ?
    I'm in ATL and may be able to assist.
  5. Z900RS - for under 8k - with 1003 miles on it

    Not mine...but not far from me.
    I could help with a recon mission to check out the bike and also assist with logistics and short term storage until you can come and get it, if that would help out a...
  6. Re: CL - 2003 Yamaha FZ1-Low Miles! - $2500 (Waxhaw, NC 28173)

    I reached out to the seller, as I had potential interest.
    The bike is sold.
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    Re: Anyone from Huntsville

    I'm not far from there, and I've been hearing lately that the job market and salaries there are improving...considerably. So you may want to consider "negotiating" a bit if you can.
    Also, if you...
  8. Re: $500 Atlanta it runs??

    FYI - I happened to see the original post just 20 minutes after it was posted, and noticed the seller was only 15 miles from my house.
    So, I promptly called the number reflected. A female answered...
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    Re: ZRX1100 - 1000 bucks - in Phoenix

    Apologies. I should have checked the board first.
    I figured for 1000 bucks, if it had been posted on the board, it'd be gone...quickly.
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    ZRX1100 - 1000 bucks - in Phoenix

    Thought someone might be interested in this ?
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    2000 1100 - not mine possible donar bike ?

    Might be of interest to someone here, especially someone located in TX and/or someone that is looking for 1100 parts. ...
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    Re: Considering moving on

    Although the Ghia is cool, and any Rex'r would undoubtedly appreciate the collection of ZRX's visible - my eyes quickly identified the tool boxes.
    Those I'd like to have, along with what has to be...
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    Re: ZRX R-Fairing Decals Available.

    I may have missed it, but how did the 2001 black decals come out ?
    Someone was to post pictures of the first set. ?
  14. ZRX1100 - in Rhode Island -- $1500 bucks Not Mine of course

    Just a friendly post here to alert board members, especially those located in New England.
    This may be a good deal ? Would appear to be a good parts bike at least ?
  15. This might qualify as Low Mileage - if it's real

    Not mine....I just stumbled onto it.

    A 2001 1100 ?
  16. Any need parts for an 1100 - just saw this posted

    Just trying to help someone that might be in need of some parts in the SW USA...
    I was doing a search for some parts I need and just ran across this....
  17. Does this bike belong to anyone on the Board ?

    Personally I think it looks quite cool.
    I'm really liking the tail off of a Ninja.
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    Re: 2 zrx 1200s and. completely diffeeent rides

    I'll second that pricing request, as I'm rebuilding my theft recovery 01 and I would possibly be interested in those black items, if the price is right of course :)
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    Re: Older yamaha sportbikes

    I have quantity 4 1994 YZF750R's - all in various condition and mileage.
    I call them Eenee Meenee Minee and Mo.

    IMHO Eenee is a legitimate candidate to be in Barber's museum, as it is very...
  20. Does this belong to anyone on the board ? Chattanooga
  21. Re: Interested in your thoughts / opinions on this FZ1 for sale

    He recently relocated to Dallas from Oregon - and just hasn't tagged it in Texas. He decided to sell it instead.
  22. Interested in your thoughts / opinions on this FZ1 for sale

    I bought an 01 FZ1 a few years ago from a very close friend - that he had bought brand new.
    Then about a year later a different friend of mine talked me into selling it to him. Since then, I've...
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    Re: ZRX1200R Buying Tips??

    I'm not 100% positive - but those weight bar ends do not look to be stock.
    The levers are definitely not stock - hence yet more indications the bike has been down.
    Ask seller if he has the...
  24. Re: Anyone have...or of these ? quality ? looks in person ?

    Yea - I've finding it difficult to locate a stock original tail in the 2001 charcoal/silver/blueishpurple color scheme -- for my theft recovery project, hence I may have to start looking at...
  25. Anyone have...or of these ? quality ? looks in person ?
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