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    Re: 1981 Gpz 1100/KZ1100R ---Zrx conversion!

    Hi Kevansieb-
    Would you have time to go into more detail on what you needed to modify to swap the 1100 swingarm onto your ZRX? I am planning on popping a ZRX1200 arm onto a 1982 GPz1100B2 and ran...
  2. Re: ZX14 Fork Differences and Best Year/Years?

    Thanks for all the info.! Do you know the length (axle centerline to below the cap in the relaxed/unladden state)? Any idea if the newer ZX10 big piston fork is the same length as the ZX14?
  3. ZX14 Fork Differences and Best Year/Years?

    Hi ZX14 Guru's -
    What year ZX14 forks would be considered the best year/years? Do they all still have rebuildable internals? Are they Kayaba or Showa or have they been both over the years? Are...
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    Re: Buy 2004 ZRX?

    Where is the silver bullet located? Florida? Where in Florida?
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