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  1. Re: 2019 Barber Vintage: let the eye feast begin.

    Hmmmm, 11 hours away. Might have to ride down there next year.
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    Re: Old helmet therapy

    I cut the strap off so no-one will be tempted to use it and if it's one of my helmets then hang it on the wall in the garage. If it's one I have for the wife or kids those go into the trash after the...
  3. Re: Michelin Pilot Road 5s impress the hell out of me

    Wow! 13k would be nice but I doubt I'm going to get that out of mine!! If I can get 7k I'll be happy.
  4. Putting the finishing touches on my 14r

    Added a few finishes touches on my 14r over the last couple of weeks. Longest story is the undertail. I bought a painted undertail from Hot Bodies Racing back the beginning of June and when it came...
  5. Re: What did you do to your OTHER BIKE today?

    Well, technically it wasn't mine at the time but . . .

    My mom turned 70 this year and has decided to hang up her helmet - it's time :( . Some of you met her when she was riding an 80's red/black...
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    Re: VFR800 HONDA 2001

    Is that one of the years with that god awful linked brake setup with brake lines running all over the bike?
  7. Re: Michelin Pilot Road 5s impress the hell out of me

    Here's pics of the road 5's on my 14 - about 4k miles on them, half of that with 50-65 lbs of baggage. The 14 puts a lot of weight on the front end and weigh a good bit more than a zrx. I spin her up...
  8. Re: Michelin Pilot Road 5s impress the hell out of me

    I love pr5's. 4k on this set and there's no cupping or flat spot. If I can get even 8k out of them I'll be a happy camper.
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    Re: saddle sore

    Another vote for Corbin and I have to disagree about their quality. The seats they've made me for the 14 have been georgeous. By far the nicest Corbin seats I've owned. I bought my first Corbin in...
  10. Re: Time to start thinking about the 2020 ZRX International Rally

    1) can I still come :wheel ?

    2) I'm sleeping with my bike

    On the weekend after Motogp would be better for any of us northerners. This year my wife sent me pictures of 4 inches of snow outside...
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    Re: Any of you guys into guitars?

    I'm saving that video for later - thanks.

    Guilty here :truce . But not for the sake of collecting. 2 of them are Warmoth bodies and necks (the burst strat and the tele) that I spec'd and did...
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    Re: Riding 2 up.

    +1 I bought a Motool slacker which is a digital scale with a remote so you can control it sitting on the bike, just one person. It's why I went with an Ohlins with a remote preload adjuster because...
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    Re: Pontiac?

    Here's a pic of my '69 - 4 speed btw - m20 . It's on the wall in the garage. I've got other pictures around here somewhere but couldn't find them. Forgot - my first car was a 1982 Pontiac J2000 4...
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    Re: Pontiac?

    My baby was a 69 GTO convertible. Had to sell it during hard financial times. About killed me - I sat on the front porch and cried as it drove off. :cry: It was a sad day when gm shuttered Pontiac....
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    Re: Some bad news Today

    Sheesh, I was just thinking about him a few days ago and was going to look him up to see when he was last on and drop him a note :(
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    Re: Iiiiiiiit's time for: TOOL PORN!

    I bought this set of 4 jis screwdrivers from Amazon about 2 months ago: JIS Screwdriver Set JISPH1 PH2 PH3 4pc Set for Japanese Standard Screws...
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    Re: Any Walmart shoppers here?

    I've stepped foot into a Wal-Mart 3 times in my life.

    Once was when our oldest daughter was an infant and my wife was dealing with post partum depression and she wanted specific diapers and I...
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    Re: New Vette

    Played around on Chevy's designer. Here's how I'd order mine :rockon:




  19. Re: Switch from being a Yamaha/Rossi motoGP fan to Ducati/Dovi/Petrux

    It's a 1st Gen ZX14 (2006-2011) 1,352cc (tuned for torque ;) ) versus 1,441cc for the 2nd gen ZX14r. Oh and IMO it's a BIG bike. I wouldn't want to split lane much on my 14 nevermind the Concours...
  20. Re: Not sure what their mindset was.........

    More and more it seems like I'm living in some kind of bizarro alternative universe - not the one I knew from 1969 through about 2010.
  21. Re: Switch from being a Yamaha/Rossi motoGP fan to Ducati/Dovi/Petrux

    I commuted from Pleasanton to San Rafael for a year when I was 18. It about killed me. I vowed to never have a long commute again.
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    Re: 50 Years Ago

    The museum in Dayton would be a great place for those. I've been there a couple times - awesome museum.
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    Re: 50 Years Ago

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    Re: Apex brake lines

    What happened with Galfer?
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    Re: 50 Years Ago

    My mom was about to go into labor. I was born on July 24th, 1969 on an airbase in Germany. That's the day they landed back on earth. I was given a coffee mug because we were military.
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